Cybersecurity Compliance and Assurance

Stay ahead of cyber risks and threats with security experts in your corner.

Why Industries Trust Our Cyber Expertise

We Simplify Complex IT Security Compliance

As cyber threats evolve, so do compliance regulations and standards. Avoid the confusion, compliance fines, lost productivity, and loss of revenue with a local cybersecurity company in your corner.

Centre Technologies is a SOC 2 Type II compliant Managed Services Provider and a Cybersecurity Accredited Body (CMMC-AB) Registered Practitioner for U.S. Department of Defense contractors. 


AICPA SOC 2 Type II Compliant IT Cybersecurity Company in Houston, TXCMMC Compliance Services Local Cybersecurity Consulting in San Antonio, TXInfragard FBI Partnership for Protection of U.S. Critical Infrastructure

  • Standardized Compliance Framework
    Gain peace of mind with a structured process for cybersecurity and compliance documentation
  • Cybersecurity Expertise
    Certified IT security experts to guide you through your CMMC certification
  • Secure by Design IT Strategy
    Tailored tech stack with cybersecurity tools that improve your security posture and minimizes ransomware risks
  • Zero-Trust Approach to IT Security
    Modern network and data protection that never trusts — and always verifies 
  • Save Thousands in Cyber Insurance Premiums
    Implementing best practice security policies and procedures that keep your business secure
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“Thanks to Centre's team of cyber compliance specialists, we passed our annual evaluation with flying colors... Not a single non-conformance or observation noted by the auditor.

Director of IT Services
Provider of Professional Services for Government Entities

Cyber Security Support You Want
and Compliance Assurance You Need

We can remediate security vulnerabilities for you or guide your IT staff on how to minimize risks.

Local IT consulting company


People, process and technology that scales cybersecurity and operations

local cloud security managed IT services


We get to know your business and people for a true partnership experience

local network security solutions


In-person collaboration and support delivered with genuine hospitality and professionalism

Security Strategy that Doesn't Get in the Way

Centre Technologies provides you with a cybersecurity strategy and solutions that meet compliance standards, cyber insurance requirements, and your business objectives — PLUS, the assurance your partners and stake holders expect.


What Makes Our Compliance and Assurance Services Better

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)-level cybersecurity insights and best practices
  • Local Security Operations Center (SOC) to help with vulnerability remediation
  • Access to local cybersecurity experts invested in your compliance standing
  • Assistance with Cyber Insurance Questionnaires
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  • Comprehensive compliance documentation
  • Local cybersecurity experts committed to finding vulnerabilities hiding in your business systems
  • Easy to understand Executive Summary of security controls, gaps, and remediation recommendations
  • Easy to follow IT Blueprint™ documenting action plan for security improvements

Check Compliance Off Your To-Do List

Centre Technologies is one of the top local cybersecurity companies with IT security experts ready to provide guidance on all your PCI, HIPAA, NIST, FERPA, CMMC and SOC 2 compliance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Compliance and Assurance

Cybersecurity Compliance is meeting a set of minimum requirements per regulations for your specific industry (ex. financial, healthcare, legal, and oil and gas). While, Cybersecurity Assurance is the practice of verifying and validate that compliance standards have been met and appropriate security controls are in place.

Why do businesses need cybersecurity assurance services?

Businesses count on cybersecurity assurance services to consult, implement and manage IT security policies, cybersecurity software, and data protection. Partnering with local cybersecurity companies help IT departments effectively protect company data and meet regulatory requirements.

What do cybersecurity assurance services provide?

Cybersecurity assurance services provide you with a holistic view of identified and potential security risks. Security vulnerabilities are documented, prioritized, and addressed with specific recommendations for fixing security issues using cybersecurity tools and threat hunting services.

Businesses and industries use cyber compliance to regulate IT security standards and practices. Being compliant with mandatory requirements minimize risk and protect systems and data from cyber threats.

What are the benefits of partnering with local cybersecurity companies?

Local cybersecurity companies deliver a level of customer service that national security providers often lack. When you partner with a local IT security company you're more likely to get a tailored compliance strategy that meets a combination of regulatory requirements and business goals.

What makes cybersecurity compliance and assurance services from Centre Technologies better than other local IT security companies?

Enterprise experience. Personalized service. Local touch.
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