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As a Texas company headquartered in Houston, we are no stranger to the unique needs of businesses in the energy or O&G sector. Centre provides knowledge across a variety of SCADA applications, IT compliance standards for pipeline exploration and is experienced in supporting the most remote sites across the globe. 

You may be a good fit to work with centre if...

  • You want professional IT support for all unique applications
  • You need reliable IT support, anytime from anywhere
  • You want to meet compliance requirements for IT or cybersecurity requirements
  • You need solutions to support potential carve-outs, or mergers & acquisitions
  • Your small IT team could benefit from outsourcing some tasks


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CNBC February 2020

“Tech and Energy are teaming up, creating a market that could grow 500% in the next 5 years"

“Energy companies are realizing that they’re not IT companies. They’re not software developers, but they are users of it."


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