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Accessible patient data and reliable devices are critical in emergency situations. We understand the complex requirements that freestanding emergency centers face with co-dependence on lab, ultrasound, x-ray, CT, EHR and other systems.

Whether you are a new facility or in an existing infrastructure, our healthcare IT solutions keep patients your number one priority. 

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Trend Micro (2022), Everything is Connected: Uncovering the Ransomware Threat from Global Supply Chains.

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Trend Micro October 2022

"Trend Micro research reveals 86% of global healthcare organizations compromised by ransomware suffered outages.”

“24% of those people say it took weeks to fully restore operations"

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We operate your IT, so you don't have to.

Texas healthcare company IT services

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Backing you up so you recover quickly in the event of a disaster 

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Healthcare IT FAQs

Absolutely! Centre Technologies is a HIPAA-compliant Texas technology company. Our teams have extensive knowledge about what you need to comply with HIPAA regulations for your healthcare business. Learn more.

As a healthcare company, you need well-rounded IT support that can step in regardless of the situation. Centre Technologies is a managed service provider (MSP), cloud solution provider (CSP), and managed security service provider (MSSP) – all in one. Other Texas IT companies have one or two of these services, but you'll rarely find everything you need from one company. We offer enterprise-level solutions local to Texas with a personalized touch. Learn more.