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Cloud Services

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Overcome the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Organizations partner with Centre to harness the benefits of cloud services and minimize the cost. Centre’s cloud services deliver comprehensive planning and dedicated support so customers can choose, navigate, and secure their cloud journey with confidence. With a focus on personalized solutions, Centre’s certified experts help customers achieve their business goals through public cloud services, private hosting options, or a combination of both.

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Our Certified Cloud Experts Maximize Advantage

Delivering Secure and Cost Efficient Cloud Experience

Businesses are paying but not experiencing the complete benefits of the cloud. Centre's certified cloud experts will recommend the best solution that aligns with your business functions and goals, optimize for efficiency, and implement best practices to maintain control.

  • Flexibility to easily move workloads so you pay only for what you use
  • Enterprise-grade technology solutions delivered and supported with a local experience
  • Layered security, monitoring, and containment across the entire cloud ecosystem

At Centre, we strive to understand your business needs and concerns to ensure your journey to the cloud achieves all of your business objectives.


Brian Trudeau
Director of Cloud Solutions for Centre Technologies


What You Can Count On

Consulting, delivering and supporting your unique cloud environments to optimize performance and promote business continuity.
Multiple cloud platforms


Delivering multiple cloud platforms
unique to your dynamic business needs

On-demand Cloud Options


Experience on-demand options
 pay only for what you use

Scalable IT workloads


Ability to scale your IT workloads
up or down as your needs change

We were pleasantly surprised after Centre assessed and optimized our cloud and disaster recovery plan resulting in annual savings of more than $400k.

Director of Information Technology Leading Managed Transportation Services Provider in North America