Secure Managed Services and IT Support

Businesses count on secure Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to improve risk management, compliance and efficiency. Providers enable comprehensive monitoring and technical difficulty resolution while minimizing the occurrence and penetration of cyber attacks. Through continuous IT support as well as anti-virus tools and threat response, businesses can get more done with greater protection.

Secure Managed Services

Elevate Your Game to Outperform Your Competition

Your business deserves a complete solution with an experienced IT partner that delivers a blueprint for secure, reliable and innovative solutions that boost performance. With Centre Assist™ technical consultants on your side, your business receives:


  • All-inclusive IT support that’s secure by default
  • Extended team of business technology experts
  • Proactive cybersecurity awareness training and support
  • O&G and E&P software expertise for Kingdom, Landmark, Aries, Petrel, and DocVue

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Best of Both Worlds


24x7 IT Managed Services
Rapid issue resolution by seasoned experts
24x7 IT Security Services
Proactive cybersecurity resources with layered data protections

What You Can Count On

We are committed to delivering enterprise solutions with personalized service and a local experience.

cybersecurity awareness training


Best of breed cybersecurity awareness training, protection and monitoring across your technology infrastructure

24x7 IT Support


24x7 “never sleep” IT support delivering personalized service with a local touch…plus zero phone tag



Personalized technology blueprint that fuels accelerated business growth

What Makes Our Managed Services Better

Fast-tracking your business. All day. Every day.

Secure Managed Services Experience Comparison Table

Partnering with Centre Assist has made the once seemingly impossible now scalable.

Director of Information Technology International Energy Storage and Management Company

Beyond Traditional IT Managed Services and Network Management

Secure Managed Services delivers the level of technical support you want PLUS the security you need.

IT Managed Services and Features
IT Security Services and Features


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