Vulnerability Scans

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) services proactively defend against cyber threats and attacks by monitoring and assessing IT environments for vulnerabilities. Businesses can enhance their risk management and data protection by routinely identifying and responding to weaknesses in their current IT security plan.

Centre Technologies delivers latest security tools to help IT departments prevent potential exposure to bad actors by managing security scans, alerts and vulnerability remediation.

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Security Scanning

Identify IT Security Risks and Prevent Cyber Attacks

Comprehensive and frequent managed vulnerability scanning that blueprints a path for stronger security posture by:


  • Rigorously tracking assets and workloads to identify blind spots

  • Prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire environment

  • Correcting misconfigurations that pose security risks


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Comprehensive IT Security Visibility

Actionable insights from progressive security scans that deliver visibility across your entire environment.

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Asset Discovery

Identify blind spots by tracking assets and workloads across all your devices, networks, web applications and cloud environments

Including Microsoft 365, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services (MVSS) in Texas

Vulnerability Management

Centre cybersecurity experts assist you in continuously identifying, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire environment

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Misconfiguration Auditing

Gain visibility of your entire ecosystem of technology and services
Utilize proven benchmarks to identify and correct misconfigurations that pose security risks

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS)

Improving security posture through proactive scanning and removing vulnerabilities.

Proven managed vulnerability scanning service


People, process and technology that scales cybersecurity, operations and productivity

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We get to know your business and people to provide expert guidance and solve IT problems faster

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On-site collaboration and support delivered with Texas hospitality and professionalism

Improve Security Across Your Entire IT Infrastructure 

Organizations partner with Centre Technologies to improve security posture with comprehensive and frequent managed vulnerability scanning services that deliver actionable insights for improvements. Strengthen security for networks and devices with prioritized cybersecurity recommendations and remediation guidance from both global and local cybersecurity experts.

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Centre Partnership Value Add

  • Sourcing, Setup and Platform Maintenance
  • On-Demand Security Scans
  • Scan Accuracy Verification
  • Findings Analysis and Reviews
  • Progressive Scan Optimization Supporting Cloud Transformation
  • Evolving Threat Intelligence on Emerging Vulnerabilities
  • Rigorous Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Tactical Remediation Support and Consulting
  • Strategic Security Consulting

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