Vulnerability Scans

Identify weaknesses and improve your data protection. 

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With frequent threat scanning, you can reduce the risk of cyber attacks or data breaches for your organization and the headache involved in effectively managing it.

At Centre, we provide the entire package, backed by proven processes and a service model that is setting the new standard in our industry for customer satisfaction.

Avoid the risk and enhance your protection with round-the-clock vulnerability scans.  

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  • Secure Environment Clarity
    Strategic security plan that delivers actionable insights
  • Reduce Manual Intervention
    Continuous management and remediation or on-demand, whenever you need it
  • Ensure Compliance Standards
    Meet specific security measures required by GDPR, HIPPA, etc.
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  • Proactive Threat Prevention
    Activate a defense strategy based on threat intelligence insights
I was surprised by the action based responses I got from Centre's team. They helped me see the problems and fixed them fast. 

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Experience the Centre difference and learn why 98% of our customer renew their managed security services YEAR AFTER YEAR.

What Makes Our Managed Security Scanning Better

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)-level cybersecurity insights and best practices
  • Local Security Operations Center (SOC) to help with vulnerability remediation
  • Access to local cybersecurity experts invested in proactively reducing risks
  • Local cybersecurity experts committed to finding vulnerabilities hiding in your business systems
  • Clear and concise recommendations customized to your business goals 
  • Assistance with Cyber Insurance Questionnaires
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Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Vulnerability Scanning

This is the process of finding, analyzing, and reporting the detected flaws and vulnerabilities. We conduct them across an organization’s networks, hardware, software, and systems.

How often should you run a Vulnerability Scan?

Dependent on the risk factors identified during initial scans, minimally we recommend a monthly scan or even weekly if possible. Additionally, any time there is a major change in your environment, another scan should be executed. 

What does a Security Scanner look for?

Each scan looks for risks across both internal and external networks as well as endpoints like your PCs or mobile devices. If you don't scan all of these environments, you leave yourself highly vulnerable and lose the ability to effectively prioritize a response to all types of threats.


How is the Vulnerability Scanner installed? And, How long does it take?

Your installation takes just a few minutes whether you choose the Virtual Machine (VM) or the physical scanner option. The installation can be completed with an Arctic Wolf Installation Engineer but before anything takes place, your Arctic Wolf Onboarding Team will review and complete the onboarding checklist and go over any questions/comments/concerns pertaining to the Arctic Wolf Managed Risk installation. 

For the physical installation, you will  then install the Arctic Wolf Managed Risk scanner (if applicable) and connect an Ethernet cable/power cord. Once powered on, the scanner will then connect to Arctic Wolf server in minutes. 

However,  if you choose the VM option, the installation is just a matter of launching the downloaded VM within your infrastructure and entering a registration (claim) token. Easy peasy! 



Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) proactively looks for known issues and misconfigurations that a cyber threat could exploit.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) reactively blocks known and contains unknown threats automatically, based on suspicious behaviors. 

What are the benefits of partnering with local cybersecurity companies?

Local cybersecurity companies deliver a level of customer service that national security providers often lack. When you partner with a local IT security company you're more likely to get a tailored compliance strategy that meets a combination of regulatory requirements and business goals.

What makes Managed Vulnerability Scanning with Security Operations from Centre Technologies better than other local cyber security companies?

Enterprise experience. Personalized service. Local touch.
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