Employee Security Awareness Training

Human error is responsible for over 95% of attacks and breaches, and awareness training empowers employees with the knowledge and expertise to identify and potentially respond to cyber threats. Through formal education consisting of videos, articles, and/or simulated threat tests, employees can learn best practices for optimizing IT security, reducing vulnerability to bad actors, and achieving industry compliance. Employee training is a necessary complement to threat hunting and remediation technology if organizations seek proactive data and environment protection.

Employee Phishing Attacks

Prevent Malicious Attacks at the Source

Proactively enhance your security posture and avoid cybersecurity threats with:


  • Managed training curriculum tailored to both the employee and business compliance requirements
  • Simulated email phishing campaigns to improve and practice employee response
  • Visibility and reporting to prioritize, track, and advance security posture

Take the First Step

Diagram showing 15% decrease of phishing attacks

What You Can Count On

Safe-guarding your business through employee security awareness training managed curriculum.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Customized and engaging awareness training based on current threat landscape

Tailored cybersecurity training


Analyzing behaviors and risks to blueprint a tailored training program for improvement

Scenario Phishing Campaigns


Real-world scenario phishing campaigns and simulated phishing security tests

Security Posture Reporting


Rigorous process and reporting for visibility of security posture and awareness improvements

We protect our entire network, invest in intelligent systems and solutions, but our employees are always vulnerable targets to cyber criminals. If not trained, they are most likely to live careless lives online.

Senior Manager, Information Security Assurance Leading Telecommunications Provider

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