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Committed to Excellence and Driven to Succeed

We pride ourselves in our ability to empower our employees by providing them the tools to succeed. Whether you are looking to launch your career or gain new skillsets,  Centre empowers you to achieve your goals by supporting through training, certifications, and higher education. 


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Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. Our core values center around our unique DNA – our relationships with employees, partners and customers is at the heart of Centre Technologies.


Chris Pace


Centre's commitment to fostering a high level of employee engagement and strong sense of community contributes to each individual's personal and professional growth.

Manager of Innovation Dallas, TX
The consistent, positive feedback we receive from customers makes me proud to be a part of the Centre team.
Technical Consultant Houston, TX
The people I work with are the reason I look forward to going into work every day.
Accounting Specialist Houston, TX

Centre provides the support I need to grow in my role and achieve my goals. 

Account Executive Houston, TX

Centre leadership encourages collaboration and welcomes new ideas, allowing employees to feel valued and appreciated. 

Director of Strategic Partnerships Houston, TX
We all want to help each other be successful.
Inside Sales Representative Dallas, TX