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Flexibility to work from virtually anywhere.

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With many businesses utilizing a remote workforce, the need to access your desktop and applications outside of the office is greater than ever. Centre's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can help you get set up in minutes to enable secure, remote work. 

Provide the in-office experience across your workforce with access to managing their inbox with Outlook, sharing files in OneDrive, or collaborating through Microsoft teams. 

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  • Remote Flexibility
    Provide employees the same in-office experience from any location or device
  • Simplified Management
    Eliminate local desktops, making it easier to quickly resolve updates, patches, and failures 
  • Prevent Data Loss
    Eliminate the risk of data being stored on physical devices
  • Cost Savings 
    Get rid of physical hardware and increase scalability to meet your changing business needs

Centre’s level of professionalism and expertise has enabled them to become our most trusted resource for enterprise solution development and implementation.

Information Technology Manager Full-Service Energy Company
At Centre, security comes first. We've vetted all the countless VDI solutions to deliver customers the most secure and robust virtual desktop experience on the market.
Brian Trudeau Director of Cloud Solutions Centre Technologies

Deploy Common Tools and Applications Faster

Use VDI to access a variety of tools and applications and enjoy a high-performance user experience from virtually anywhere on any device.

Curious to learn if Centre's Virtual Desktop Services is compatible with your unique tools and apps?

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