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IT Support for the legal industry works with your on-the-go schedule to protect your practice while you protect your clients. We know client data and a flexible workspace is essential to running a successful practice. Whether you are a small firm or large practice, outsourcing your IT services allows us to keep you secure and accessible anywhere, all the time. 

Centre Technologies continues to be a valued resource as the law firms evolve while providing ongoing support, security, cloud, and threat remediation services.

you may be a good fit to work with Centre if...

  • You are concerned about protecting sensitive client data
  • Your practice is growing but you don't have a dedicated IT team member
  • Your systems are outdated and need better technology
  • You are not confident in your cybersecurity practices
  • You need reliable storage that scales with your business


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Securityweek NetworkJuly 2021

"The most valuable data at a law firm is certainly not PII.”

“Smart cybercriminals are chasing for sensitive dossiers of wealthy or politically exposed customers, looking for attorney-client privileged information or other sensitive litigation-related data.”


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IT Services for Your Law Practice 

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Law firm IT support Texas

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IT services for law firms Texas

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