Data Recovery

Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) is a cloud solution which enables businesses to back-up their IT infrastructure and data to a secure, remote server. Businesses can gain confidence that their information and operations will be retrievable in the event of a disaster, without manually needing to perform routine backups. Through any natural or digital shock or cyberattack, organizations can quickly and efficiently maintain business continuity.

Increase Business Resiliency

Increase Business Resiliency

Your business needs to be able to recover quickly when disasters strike. Whether from natural disasters or security breaches, Centre's data protection and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) experts are here to ensure smooth and continuous operations of business-critical systems. 


  • Access your data easily
  • Gain complete redundancy and data validity
  • Smoothly continue operations

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What You Can Count On

Reliable data recovery and access for business-critical systems for when a disaster strikes.

Quick Response and Recovery


Quick response recovering business-critical workloads to minimize or eliminate any downtime

Reliable Data Protection


Certified data protection experts delivering consistent service that you can depend on

Certainty of Secure Data


Providing certainty that your data is safe before, during and after a disaster

Centre Technologies stayed heavily involved throughout a major failure in our systems in order to get us operational. Day and night, we could count on the team at Centre to help.

Infrastructure Manager Independent Retail Energy Services

The team met the project expectations, worked through all the issues and were available all the time to help.

Director of Engineering Restaurant Management Technology Company

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