Backups and
Data Protection

Backups to protect critical data

Protecting Your Critical Data

Centre consultants maximize data retention with continuous and verified backups. Managed backup and data protection solutions from Centre support business continuity and enable your organization to recover quickly after a disaster.


  • Improve confidence and regulatory compliance
  • Maximize data retention and uptime
  • Free-up resources with optimized storage

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What You Can Count On

Ensuring your critical data is ready and available when you need it.

Verified Data Backup


Confirmed validity of data backup without corruption

Reliable Data Access


On-demand data access and rapid recovery with failovers and node protection

Secure Data Encryption


Secure by default configurations and features, including data encryption

Partnering with Centre provides me direct access to a variety of folks to learn more about topics where we lack the internal expertise.

Director of Information Technology International Energy Storage and Management Company
Centre protects your data throughout multiple locations where it has the ability to be restored. This is critical when dealing with Ransomware, OS and application patches that break or with the traditional human error.
Brian Trudeau Director of Cloud Solutions Centre Technologies

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